Oakland, California

double "o" g (oog) stands for


Our Genetic Makeup

Double 'O' G sprouted

In East Oakland at Reach Academy Elementary school and Verdese Carter park on 98th ave. 

Double 'O' G grew

By teaching our youth about the importance of communal sustainability along with food and health awareness.  

Double 'O' G spreads seeds

By educating our communities on the different organizations available with programs and resources that will help to expand sustainability. 

Here's how it started!


How are we doing?

What's Happening?!

Farming is not easy work and doing so in an city environment is expensive too. Aside from cost we live in such a densely populated area that not everyone wants the smells associated with a farm to linger in their space. Ultimately, those factors have impacted our growth. In addition to that, our organizers and managers of OOG have personal lives that they have to sustain while we don't have appropriate funding yet. That being established our approach is limited to the resources we have to available. 

In the meantime and in between time, How do we help as OOGs? 

We want to make you aware of other Oakland/Bay Area  organizations working on local helpful food access! Oakland has many non profits fighting for local helpful fresh food access in communities that lack infrastructure for groceries. For us to guide you to these wonderful organizations workdays and farmers markets helps our whole movement's agenda advance forward. 

How we envision our major impact in Oakland's food justice movement will be through the implementation of OOG's bus. It will give us a tool to share throughout the city and county with school students to everyday shoppers of farmers markets about how their food choices have a considerable impact. Our goal focuses on other ways our students can grow local fresh food access through gardens/farms and the direction of elected officials. Our bus would reinforce OOG curriculum about garden education, energy research, and economic technology. It is very important that our OOG students have an opportunity to learn through all of their senses.  


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what do we teach?

Garden Education


We teach the community about the impact their choices regarding food and it's origin have on us. 

Energy Research


We investigate clean energy alternatives  to employ instead of the harmful fuels that are destroying our planet. 

Economic Technology


We create job opportunities driven  towards solutions for our future problems. 


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