Oakland, California
double "o" g (oog) stands for

Double "O" G

Oakland, CA


Mobile Education for Environmental Issues

Our Genetic Makeup

Double "O" G sprouted

In East Oakland at Reach Academy Elementary school and Verdese Carter park on 98th ave. 

Double "O" G grew

By teaching our youth about the importance of communal sustainability along with food and health awareness.  

Double "O" G spreads seeds

By educating our communities on the different organizations available with programs and resources that will help to expand sustainability. 

what do we teach?

Garden Education

Our first harvest in 2011 @Verdese Carter Park on 98th and Bancroft in East Oakland.

We educate our  community about the negative environment impact their choices regarding food and it's origin have on us. Alternatively, what they can be more aware of and search for that will help promote a more sustainable local and global market. 

Energy Research

Working on securing solar panels to the mounts we fabricated on our first attempt of the Mobile Education Truck (MET) OOG

We investigate clean energy alternatives  to employ instead of the harmful fuels that are destroying our planet. It's so important for our students to know the advantages of. these energy sources that minimize our negative impact on the global environment. 

Economic Technology

Getting some advice from Coach H on how to get our screens and product ready to print on.

We  encourage our students to join work sectors of agricultural and low emission energy production for job opportunities. The more people we can deliver into these industries will help expand the access on a global scale for greater community  participation in becoming more sustainable and solving future environmental issues. 

Here's how it started!