Oakland, California
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Double "O" G

Oakland, CA

Since the majority of garden programs don't have funding there is a lot of work that has to go into bringing soil back to a healthy stage that will help our produce grow.

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After school Workshops

OOG works with We Lead Ours (WELO) another Oakland non profit offering students after school enrichment programing including OOG's garden and culinary classes. It is such a privilege to work with WELO's students that are so curious about learning how their choices around purchases are actually spent votes with our community for what they want. Our students favorite actives have to be the hands on gardening and expanding their knowledge around the kitchen learning new techniques and foods they weren't too sure they love! 

Without your support suppling  Double "O" G with donations we wouldn't be able to connect with our future leaders and stewards of the world. Our goal is to enable these young minds to take control of  the environment and shape their future.  Your donations help us to bring in materials for underfunded school gardens and host cooking workshops.

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