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Double "O" G is

Delivering mobile sustainability education. We work in local communities to share and integrate diverse perspectives and knowledge for a sustainable world.

Our Origination

Double “O” G, Original Organic Gardener (OOG), is a 501(C)3 established in the spring of 2011 by Ryan James, a young cook who hoped to find a way to give back to his community in his support for food justice. We at OOG are a collective of Artists, Visionaries, Musicians, Gardeners, Cooks, Leaders, Students, Athletes, and everyone else who is interested in the life-cycle of their food.

Our Vision

OOG sees a global community that unifies itself through the creation and development of healthy and sustainable food systems. Anyone in the world should be able to create and develop their own food sources. In order to accomplish this task, we at OOG will provide our youth with on-going hands on opportunities to become involved with the production, distribution, and recycling of their own food. We will collaborate and communicate on how to strategically plant, grow, and harvest our seeds to create a more balanced future.

Our Mission

What we hope to accomplish at OOG is to support developing agricultural projects in urban communities to increase locally produced food while being efficient with energy and transportation in order to promote self-sufficiency. OOG wants to empower people, with youth in particular, to have a greater awareness of the process that goes into producing all of the commodities we choose to consume in our everyday lives. 

Our Goals, Objectives, and Theories of Change

OOG believes that if you provide the tools to educate a community about what sustainability is and how to be sustainable, than they can research how to create the technology for a better future.

OOG’s goal is to create a space online for communication between grassroots organizations and individuals that share the goal of creating a sustainable planet. 

OOG wants to help create new habits and repurpose our disposable culture into a recycle and reusable humankind that thinks before we throw . 

OOG will push the change of industry standards for what is expected of businesses and individuals to be more sustainable while operating within a continuously growing free market system. 

Values and Philosophy

  • OOGs work to make our quality products/services Local, Healthy, Honest and with Integrity to be accessible on all demographic levels

  • OOGs wants to empower by investing in our youth, supporting them through education to research the tools they need to develop the technologies for a more sustainable planet

  •   OOGs encourage everyone to listen with their ears, eyes, and hearts to all inputs for finding the best solutions for obstacles that effect all of us

  • OOGs value support on local levels to discover effective models that can be applied on a larger scale

  • OOGs search for different perspectives to make sure we fully understand situations

  • OOGs work as a team and play to our staff’s strengths

  • OOGs Plant, Grow, and Harvest food in their own unique healthy way

  • OOGs are positive forward thinkers, Passionate about their work and engaged in 

  • OOGs are clear with their communication to ensure that confusion is avoided

Bishop O'Dowd intern fair Fall 2019
Bishop O'Dowd intern fair Fall 2019

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